Monday, January 4, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

So, in the interest of truth: I'm writing this on a Tuesday in December 2010, but it will post on Tuesday, January 4th.  In my post about new year's resolutions and the like, I mentioned the Sisterhood of the Skinny Jeans and True Confessions Tuesday - time to follow up.

1.  I've gained an inordinate amount of weight. 
While I sailed through pregnancy and Ainsley's arrival on September 30 with moderate weight gain (40 pounds related to my 35 pound goal as a maximum), I've schlepped through the holidays with abandon and managed to stall my previously steady weight loss.  Enough! 27 pounds to go, 35 to my goal weight.

2.  I've developed bad habits.
Despite having an incredible handle on home organization, planning and a simple, chaos free life, I let maternity leave slip by with a return to previous (and development of new) bad habits.  A return to being regimented is essential.

3.  I feel a bit lazy.  I think on the surface I'm still generally over-achieving (due to insanity, not innate ability), but I'm not giving my all to key projects, people who matter, causes that make my heart sing rather than feel like obligations and so on.  A return to living intentionally is key.

The above true confessions are more self-therapy than anything else.  If the notion strikes you, jot down your current areas of failure.  It's striking how much it turns into a call to action rather than a pity party!

Best of luck in 2011!

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