Friday, September 24, 2010

Clicking the Undo Button in Life

Just a quick observation upon seeing the following photo on the Bneato blog:

I have actually become so used to using the Ctrl+Z command to undo what I just typed, that I have fleeting thoughts about using the Undo button on an almost daily basis... in life.

- As I pour orange juice instead of milk in the cereal, I mentally think "undo."
- As I run into things on the way out the door, I click "Ctrl+Z" in my head.
- As I close a document I thought I saved and at the moment I hit the X realize I did not, I seek "undo."

That's all.  Just a ramble.  Figured others could relate.  I'm thinking I just need access to the above photo to fake-press with my finger anytime I want a takey-backey.

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