Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Small Stint on the Soapbox re: Blogging

Thought I would share links to the other blogs I maintain, since often one is getting more attention than the others (for example, our arriving-any-day-baby blog is getting the most action these days):

Ainsley Belle, our baby blog (will transtion to our family blog at some point)

- The Word on Walnut, an ode to historic downtown Rogers

-  The Ozark Natural Science Center blog

And with all this, a note on blogging since I've had this conversation with several folks lately who are starting up or struggling with blogs.  Here are a few tips, or at least my personal approach:

1.  First, do it for yourself.  It matters not to me whether a single person follows any of these blogs, although they each serve a distinct purpose.

2.  Stop worrying about consistency.  Blogging is just like writing and life: sometimes you're inspired, and many times you are not.  Write when the inspiration strikes, and don't stress about whether your posts are ten minutes or ten weeks apart (with the possible exception of a business or organization blog).

3.  Make your use of social media circular.  If you use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and/or have an active, up to date website, don't forget to send readers there as well!

4.  By all means, watch your grammar and spelling.  If you know those aren't your forte, get someone to proof before you post.  Grammar Girl is one of my favorite resources.

5.  Finally, keep it conversational and informal.  For example, at ONSC we publish a monthly e-newsletter and two print newsletters a year.  Those, along with newspaper and other articles, are our chance to be proper and formal.  The blog is about quick, fun updates that are newsy and more "between us chickens" in tone.  That's what makes it fun to read and fun to write.

Here's are a few more resources:

How To Blog (Better): Getting Started

BlogHer | Life Well Said
Arkansas Women Bloggers

If you're thinking about it, just do it!  There are lots of folks who will give you tips and support.  Check out my list of favorite blogs on the right - maybe some will inspire you as well.  Now get to it!

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