Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With Resolve

Whew!  What a lengthy blogging break it has been.  That's what makes it entirely your own, I suppose - each blog post is based upon your season in life.  I thought the new baby would slow me down (more on her here), but I actually posted pretty regularly during maternity leave.  It was the dual return to work/onset of the holidays that sidelined my regularly posted thoughts.

With that in mind and a little push from the online community (namely, acurls and references to True Confessions Tuesday as well as the cool bucket list on a cohort's blog - hey, when I stalk someone, I do it properly), I decided to get back in the saddle.  What better time of year than the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve to post overly bold goals for the world to see?  I've combined my blogging to do list, new year's resolutions, fitness goals and bucket list into this one blasphemous post.  And, it's on the interweb - what better motivation to stick to it?  Without further ado:

New Year's Resolutions for 2011

1.  Post to all blogs (personal, family, work and hobby) at least four times per month.
This regimented schedule is not because I actually believe that regular posting is necessary on a blog - I believe it should be at one's own pace.  However, I'm needing some discipline in several areas, and this is related.  Likewise, I plan to keep up with journaling a bit better.  More on that in a future blog post.  Other upcoming updates: my new obsession with the Fitbit and the aforementioned bucket list and true confessions.

2.  Hit my goal weight by May 1, 2011.
While I won't publicize it here, more on the general subject in that upcoming Fitbit post. 

3.  Participate in two athletic challenge events this year.
Currently, the ONSC team has challenged me to compete in the Bentonville Half Marathon on April 2nd (coincidentally, my 34th birthday).  I'm not even sure this is feasible for me since I am definitely not a "runner."  But, I figure that training as though I'll participate (TBD later) is a great way to get in shape per goal #2 as well as set a good example for my seven year old daughter, already a running zealot.  I'd really like to eventually do a sprint triathlon (usually 12 mile bike ride, 3 mile run and 750m swim).  However, I'm not much of a swimmer.  I've seen some new triathlons with a kayaking component to replace the swim, which would be cool.  Alternatively, I may just try a 5 or 10K.  Regardless, I'd like two solid goal events to work toward.

4.  Keep it simple.
"They" say not to cite broad goals as new year's resolutions as they are unachievable.  True.  However, this has deeper meaning for me on a number of levels, so it will be my 2011 mantra.  Overall, I'm just trying to slow down the frenetic life pace, enjoy friends and family, live in the moment, say no to things, truly embrace the things I do say yes to, and in general do it all with a bit more simplicity and grace.  I get great inspiration from Tsh Oxenreider at Simple Mom, queen of the Simple Media empire - it is very worth checking out the various blogs and sites therein.

5.  Family time.
That's all - it's simple.  We are doing better and better about family outings and building memories.  Sometimes it's an outing to the Botanical Garden or the zoo, other times it's just grabbing ice cream together or going for a hike.  There's no "monthly date night with my husband" or daily focus time goal here - just more of it in general.  With this goal comes a focus on remembering to let kids be kids.  Sometimes I'm exceptional at this, other times it falls by the wayside and I am far too regimented about our routines.  The discipline and routines certainly set the scene for the good times, but what matters more than the discipline and routines is actually having the good times.

I believe that is enough for today in the category of the grandiose and far-reaching.  Off to the races!


  1. I love goal #3! I'd also like to do a short Tri at some point, though I'm not much of a biker :)

  2. Jump in!! I need all the help I can get. Plus, you're already a seasoned participant!