Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorite Blogs: Visually Stimulating, Simplifying/Organizing, Make You Think/Laugh

I felt compelled to simply share a few links to some of my favorite blogs.  Yes, you can find most of them in the list of blogs on this page, but as usual, I needed to expound a bit:

Visually Stimulating
Whether you're going for simplification or amping up of your life/home/world, there's no denying the following blogs are fun to peruse:

- Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  Enough said - love it!  I loved the post about The Cottage.

- Tatertots & Jello: crafts, decorating, real life.  Seriously, this site is out of control.  Here's a favorite post, also featured on Nesting Place.

- Remodelista: Simply awesome.  A favorite recent post was the red theme.

- Not a blog, but a store - you must check out (or visit, if you're privileged enough to live in Seattle!) Watson Kennedy.  I nearly had a heart attack in the store - everything arranged by color and visually overwhelming.  My travel companion had to finally set a time limit for us to move on.

- Both store and blog, Laurie Anna's Vintage Home is equally overwhelming in its loveliness.  After spending an inordinate amount of time in the LA's booth at Canton Trade Days, my sister, Mom and I may or may not have sat in our vehicle outside her storefront and willed her to open just for us.  Tragically, we failed.


- Simple Mom, Simple Kids and really all the sites via Simple Media (i.e. whether you cook and home school or not, their five sites are worth following via Twitter or following/subscribing via email to the blogs.  Good stuff).  A favorite recent post on Kids & Collections inspired a follow up post on my blog.

- Bneato.  So fun.  Must check it out.

- Buttoned Up thinly cloaks organization in what you'll momentarily think is just a fun, crafty site, and then it sneaks up on you with useful tips.  Lovely.

- Penelope Loves Lists is for the pent-up organista/perfectionist that lives inside you.  Seriously, I've just realized it myself.  A sample post: both visually-inspiring and subtly motivating.

- See Jane Work.  Again, dual purpose - a great commerce site for tools and inspiration as well as a tip-filled blog.

- Simple. Organized. Life.  (Not to mention its related site: The Good Human, which belongs in my green blogroll below...)  Just good, not-too-preachy tips on a better, simpler life.  We can all aspire to be like David while making burlap wreaths like Jenn at Tatertots & Jello, right?  Hope it's not offensive to put both on this list!

- Small Notebook.  Probably the best example of a lovely, rewarding life mixed with a realistic dose of both "stuff" that makes you happy and simplification.

Miscellaneous: Blogs that make you laugh.

- Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist.    Not going to lie - I think I read this more for the relationship humor than the intended life/career advice.  Sorry, guru.

- Oddly Specific.  Don't ask, just go.  Interesting and oddly specific signs and directives.

- If I'm the one cluing you in about Found magazine, well... I feel better about my tendency to be behind the times.

- Don't ask, just go: Unhappy Hipsters. Hilarious.

Miscellaneous: Blogs to make you think.

- Seth Godin - Seth's blog.  I suspect the poor man would be appalled to be listed with some of the design/crafty websites, but it is fabulous marketing and life reading.

- Signal vs. Noise, the 37signals blog.  Again, probably an affront to be included with such a motley crew.  Jason Fried also writes a great column for Inc. magazine.

- I've mentioned that I love Fast Company magazine.  Authors Dan & Chip Heath of Made to Stick notoriety write a column for FC with great marketing and life tips.  My favorite was an article on business advice and attention to detail inspired by Van Halen.  Trust me, it's worth reading - intriguing.  Great ideas on making ideas take shape and, well, Stick.

- Grammar Girl: Quick & Dirty Writing Tips.  Must bookmark.

One more thing... wondering how to keep up with so many blogs without taking over your life, family and productivity?  Find the method that works for you.  Some of these I simply keep up with via their Twitter feed, knowing that not everything they post warrants reading.  I scan Twitter in the morning and open links to those that catch my eye.  Others, I know I don't want to miss a single post, so I subscribe via email.  The updates are delivered to my inbox, and I can read them when I have some downtime before bed or on my iPhone waiting on my car to be serviced.

Stop worrying that social media is taking over the world and our lives - just control it and how you monitor it to suit your own world.  Oh, wait... I already rambled about that in an earlier post: Tips for Tackling Social Media.

Happy reading!

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