Monday, October 18, 2010

More blogging resources!

Last month, I rambled a bit in a post about blogging in general based on conversations with several friends and family members who were starting and/or struggling with blogs.

I stand by the statements that it is about self-expression, and worrying about who is reading (and how many readers you have) will get you all worked up over nothing.  However, an ample amount of self-promotion is necessary, and I saw a great article via PRSA on Why Self-Promotion is Important for Blogging that was worth sharing as well.

In addition, I've since discovered The Blog Guidebook - it is fantastic!  Mark it as a must-read for any blogger.  I'm smitten by the design (and have an admitted bee bias), and the content and links are exceptionally inspiring.  These gals are doing great work.  I've extolled other groups such as Arkansas Women Bloggers in the aforementioned post from September, but I definitely recommend spending a little time on this site.

As an unrelated aside, the gals at The Blog Guidebook just released this adorable poster as an added benefit:

I already loved the traditional red Keep Calm & Carry On image from the British government released in 1939 to encourage a "chin up" wartime attitude (quick, interesting history here), so I was particularly elated to learn of this version!  Get it and other cool gear and resource links at 

For added inspiration, explore the blogs of their listed bloggers as well as all the other resources on the site, and subscribe while you're there.  Good stuff - as the editors say - "for all things bloggy."  Love it.

One of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom, recently posted some blogging tips that are well worth your time.

And of course, just keep blogging!  I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm an enthusiast - and that's all you need to be to have an effective blog as well.

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